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INDIGO is about helping Zimbabwean companies, particularly small businesses of +/- 50 staff, get off the ground and really fly. We know from personal experience that we often cannot afford some of the skills or specialist staff we need to make that happen. And sometimes we just need some key answers, or to be walked along a journey for some months, or get access to a world of skills, but just for a short time.

INDIGO concentrates on three things: marketing. innovation. project management

Marketing: INDIGO Digital, one arm of the INDIGO Group, provides a diverse set of skills to enable SMEs to be heard in the market place.  INDIGO Digital provides the planning, delivery and monitoring of marketing initiatives that provides a professional face to the service industry in Zimbabwe.

Innovation: through the work of INDIGO Group we focus on how to use efficient methods to reduce waste and increase efficiency so that SMEs are more productive in the services they provide to their clients.  We use technological innovation, and various other methods, to help increase professionalism across the whole business.

Project Management: the INDIGO Group is sometimes called upon to manage projects within companies and for companies, particularly start-ups.  We use a portfolio of consultants, including specialists in audits, financial management, and tax planning and reporting, to assist SMEs to move into the formal economy, and increase the impact of their business. The INDIGO Group also has experience placing consultants in companies for a fixed period, to help them to fix particular problems or challenges.  We can also provide team building and writing services on request.

Lastly, Consultancy Services: the INDIGO Group is supporting individuals and SMEs who are wanting to start businesses in Zimbabwe, send us more information in the contact us page, and we can discuss possibilities. 


Invest in a specific project that INDIGO Group is managing:

Current option is The Suburbs Conference Centre – this is a sustainability initiative for Family Impact Africa, whereby the offices at 45 Heyman Road, Suburbs, Bulawayo, are being upgraded to provide a conference and meeting venue.  The prospects are excellent, but various building expenses are necessary for this to work. Investment options are in the capital and infrastructural upgrades to the building so that it can be used most effectively. In two years this conference centre will provide enough income to manage the property, and invest in the development of Family Impact in Africa.

Invest multiples of $1,000 (USD) up to a maximum of $15,000 (USD) Receive 6% p.a. interest, fixed over 24 months. Receive annual repayments.

Receive quarterly financial statements on the performance of the Conferencing Centre.

More Information:

See the full INDIGO Group website as well for more details.