Why we do what we do — 2017



Pioneering new businesses, transforming old ones. Making money. Building friendships.

lynneknight.org is an attempt to put together all the elements of the work I have been doing in Zimbabwe in the last 10 years.  It’s an attempt to show that “one-size” just does not fit Lynne.  I am passionate about and involved in so many diverse things. I have gifting in leading, starting, releasing and cheering.  And there are some amazing people being drawn together to use their talents to build these ideas into fantastic businesses, grass-roots initiatives that impact communities, and conversations that change nations.  


Start-up companies. Creative thinking.
Having fun. Selling products.
Promoting hope.

I develop start-up businesses in Zimbabwe that promote professionalism and profitability in the service sector. I don’t just look for great opportunities, I take them.


Giving. Sharing. Developing

I love seeing how the businesses we run grease the wheels of many initiatives across Africa. Family Impact is my primary passion, but I am involved in many others!

Family Impact

working with Family Impact in Africa is a joy, and Lynne gives one day a week to leading and representing the organisation. Building resources, running projects, developing connections, transforming communities and more

More Projects

Other cool projects are endless, but include overseeing building of schools and working with local churches to develop their family materials. Perhaps you have a suggestion of a local project we can support?






I do what I do, because

I believe what I believe.

Simple as that.






Sharing and Linking

We learn best when we walk the road together, when sometimes I carry your backpack, and sometimes you carry mine.


Sharing, linking and giving away are really important if we are going to really reach Africa, both economically through business but also through grassroots initiatives.  

Part of sharing and linking is travelling, speaking and teaching outside of Zimbabwe, which Lynne does a number of times a year. 

International Volunteers coming to see and join what we are doing in Zimbabwe is also an important part of sharing and linking. You can come either through Family Impact or as an intern in any of the companies.

speaking engagements.

 international volunteer teams.


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