Entrepreneurship = solving other people’s problems

There are so many articles being written on entrepreneurship in Africa these days. Articles highlighting amazing entrepreneurs (especially women), articles talking about the vital part entrepreneurs play in African economies, articles encouraging people to invest in entrepreneurs and even specifically designed university courses springing up. This is all interesting and relevant and it’s a truly exciting time as the world looks to invest more in Africa and confidence builds in the ability of Africans to change their lives and the continent.

But this article got our attention because it has a great description of entrepreneurship: “The biggest “aha” moment for these entrepreneurs is the shift in perspective from “starting a business” to solving another person’s problem.” With entrepreneurship and the idea of entrepreneurship being so pervasive on the continent and with so many still facing a daily struggle to put food on the table, it’s easy to see how the idea of starting a business so you can make money it so attractive. And starting a business and being an entrepreneur are often seen as one and the same thing. But as this article points out, true entrepreneurship is actually focused on the customer, on their needs and on designing something that meets that need in the marketplace.

There’s a lot more in the article, including the awesome YALI program, and if this is a topic you’re interested in, you should definitely read the whole thing.


The reason this description of entrepreneurship resonates is it’s precisely the reason that Zimbabwe Car Hire and INDIGO Group were started. There was a need – in the case of Zim Car Hire it was the desire to solve the personal frustration of never having enough vehicles for all the visitors coming to Zimbabwe on holiday, and a passion to build a business that can be a sustainable income stream for Family Impact. Similarly, INDIGO saw a need to help small business in Zim really fly by providing branding and marketing services as well as access to a portfolio of consultants — from specialists in financial management and tax planning to branding and social media — to assist businesses with the skills they need for just a short time. This helps small businesses become more professional and boosts them over those humps, releasing them to grow and develop.

Solving people’s problems and releasing potential – that’s what entrepreneurship is all about. To join us on the journey, contact us here.