Family Impact Africa

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Lynne has been working with Family Impact since 2005, and it has been, and continues to be, such a privilege and adventure!  The importance of family in the transformation of Africa has been instilled in Lynne and is foundational to the way she thinks about the future of the continent.  In 2016 Family Impact will change shape a little bit and you can find out more on their website, but essentially, there is a passion for developing and releasing materials, particularly online, across Africa.  

Lynne is committed to the continued development of the work FI is doing, and spends 30% of her time to leading and representing Family Impact in Africa and internationally.  

Some of the key work we are developing in 2016 includes a focus on MEN, and how to help men to engage with family, be encouraged in the roles they play and active in encouraging other men across the continent.  In Zimbabwe FI continues to sponsor children in school, and develop new materials for training and shaping children, youth and families.

Lynne is also an active financial supporter of the work of Family Impact, and Zimbabwe Car Hire is one of the businesses that commits to contribute some of its profit to the growth of the ministry.  We would invite you to consider financially supporting the work of Family Impact, and you can find out more through their donate page.

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