Praise Perspective Peace in our life work and adventures of 2016

As we roll into 2016, filled with possibilities and opportunities it can be all too easy to lose our way in the flood that seems to materialize soon after then New Year celebrations come to an end!

In 2016, I am excited about focusing and prioritizing some core things, that keep me strolling in the right direction.

Praise: praise is such an amazing calling – to praise the lord in all we do, think, say, and be. Psalm 145 v 2 “Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever.” If you need a mandate for 2016, this is it. Praise. In all places, in all circumstances, for all things, with all you have. Praise changes our hearts, our mindsets and our attitudes. It lifts faiths. It is awesome. Lets praise.

Perspective: Keeping perspective come what may, I have decided is a gift, and it’s a gift I want! Its so important in all our plans and hopes for 2016, that we remember that God is God and we are not. That God will direct our paths (Prov 3:6) and plans. That He is the number ONE not me. He is primary, I am not. He rules and reigns, lynne does not! Keeping a kingdom perspective help us to right size both our problems, our cash flow challenges, and even our opportunities. Without Jesus it is all futile.

Peace: Again and again I have been drawn to the verse : Col 3:15 “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts…” How is this possible, how do we make sure we don’t get lost, fretting or worrying in 2016. How do we really live each day with peace and enjoy the small moments, the big moments and everything inbetween? Well here it is. Let peace RULE, not worry. Phil 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything…”

In 2016 will be focusing on developing a number of small projects and businesses to see where God takes them. A good friend of mine had an amazing picture last week, from the Lord, that showed me following lots of little narrow paths, many simultaneously. There was no big wide path, but lots of small ones. It was such a wonderful confirmation for the year ahead. That I will be developing and walking a number of paths, that they all go in roughly the same direction, that we don’t need to seek the highway,… but just keep following the paths the Lord gives us.

I love planning, I love making sure that I am doing the right things, and I love therefore prioritizing my time! Therefore after the confirmation of that picture, and many others, I am going to be focusing my time in the first 6 months of this year on:

  • Working with FI Africa in developing a national campaign for MEN in Zimbabwe, which we hope will transcend our boarders across Africa;
  • keep working alongside our partners internationally to deliver school support in Zimbabwe, strengthen Marriages and develop new material with FI Africa,
  • expand the car hire business into a new city and play with new types of marketing and advertising,
  • slowly develop the INDIGO digital business with new designers and small contracts that help us to develop our web and social media skills for zim and beyond,
  • there will also be some fun consultancy work with small business and the opportunity to turn 45 Heyman Road into a Conferencing facility, we are calling “Suburbs Conferencing”…
  • and finally, last but not least (!) to work alongside the Global Family team and FI Africa to see a hub developed where family resources can be shared globally.

Its seems like a lot? Actually no. The things I am doing in 2016 all use similar skill sets, and will be building on each other, complementing each other, and adding value to the wider work I have been involved in for more than 10 years. Its going to be fun.

I look forward to having you on the journey, to hearing your stories and getting your input on projects., ministry and business! Of course would love your prayers, and would love to have you remind me, as I remind you:

Praise: always;                       Perspective: Jesus,                Peace: rules.

Lynne Knight Jan 2016

You can get more information on any of our projects by visiting the links on our home page.