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Creative.  Connected.  Can-do.lynne photo bw

I’ve always enjoyed thinking about how to make things more efficient, how to reduce stress and workload and how to work smarter not harder.  I think about how to communicate a message effectively, and how to design great programs, companies, marketing campaigns. I am creative. Creating is fun.  

One of the questions I ask most often is “So when do we start”?  I am an activator, I love to work things out while they are going along. So working connected to others is so important.  Particularly as reading the fine print is never been one of my strengths! But after 10 years working with Family Impact, I am also very connected to many individuals, churches, organisations and some businesses around the world.  The privilege of building, delivering and monitoring initiatives across the world, is something that has opened my eyes, my ears and often my heart. 

Can-Do. One of my other favourite questions is “It can’t be that hard can it?”  The inference being, well if other people can do it, then so can I, or we.  So let’s do it.  Whatever “it” is.  It’s definitely doable.  

lynneknight.org is an attempt to put together all the “can-do” elements of the work I have been doing in Zimbabwe in the last 10 years.  It’s an attempt to show that “one-size” kinda just does not fit Lynne.  I am passionate about and involved in so many diverse things. I have gifting in leading, starting, releasing and cheering.  And there are some amazing people being drawn together to use their talents to build these ideas into fantastic businesses, grass-roots initiatives that impact communities, and conversations that change nations.  

You can enjoy watching our journey, but we would rather you joined in!  Perhaps you have a passion for business, well, let’s get some businesses going – Zimbabwe and Africa are going to expand rapidly.  Let’s get in there, and let’s support others who are trying.  Perhaps you want to be involved in initiatives at the grass-roots, well, come on then… we are building schools, helping kids with life skills, running massive music festivals and empowering churches and rural communities to combat gender based violence.  Whatever you are in to, even if it’s just sending awesome articles that help us think more about how we do what we do, then do it!

I am enjoying the journey and I hope you are encouraged along the way, to be creative, to connect with some people perhaps you wouldn’t have normally and know that you can-do!


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