Get Involved



You can give to the work that is doing either directly through PayPal, Lynne’s Just Giving page, or through the Family Impact donate page.  The money is used for Lynnu to further the initiatives she is involved in, many of which are headlined on this website.  Contact us directly for more information or to ask a question.


You can engage in the work that is doing by sending us articles, case studies or comments on any of the initiatives that are shown on this site to add to the discussion and learning.  Send links to your articles through the contact us page. We cannot promise to post everything but we will do what we can. Engage and help us build innovative solutions for Africa!


You can promote the work Lynne is doing best by visiting some of the initiatives and business first hand in Zimbabwe. You can either join an international volunteer team or come as an intern for between 10 days and 3 months. You can also offer your skills from wherever you live to the work we are doing.  We are looking for different skills at different times, so contact us if you are interested.